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Going Outdoors in the time of COVID-19

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

It is more important than ever to utilize our outdoor spaces for their therapeutic value. Going outside can improve our mental health in a variety of ways. This article from the Mayo Clinic illustrates how outdoor activities provide a level of safety from transmission of COVID-19.

The beauty of the internet has allowed many of us to work, provide services, and stay connected thus far; however, the time inside, looking at a screen can be draining after a time. I am grateful for being able to provide telehealth for my clients, and I'm sure that they are too, but sometimes the connection is just not the same as when we are live and in-person! I do see patients in the office, but we are both masked and this impedes affect identification and expression a great deal. Walk and Talk therapy can be another tool in the fight to continue life in the time of this pandemic.

If you are like me and feel safer outside than in, this may be the perfect time to start moving more of your life outdoors.

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